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Thursday, June 4, 2020

National Association of Estate Planners & Councils May 2020 Newsletter Provided by Leimberg Information Services

AEP Logo(2)The National Association of Estate Planners & Councils has released its May 2020 newsletter in which Steve Leimberg offered commentary on what every planner needs to know about the psychology of death and dying. You can read the illuminating newsletter here.

Below is the executive summary of Steve Leimberg's enlightening commentary:

The current coronavirus pandemic is a “moment of awakening and focus” for everyone throughout the world with regard to the inevitability of dying and death. Yet I suspect that all too many individuals in our country do not have the proper end-of-life documents for a very simple but very human reason; we professionals have difficulty, both as professionals and as family-members, bringing up and talking about the subjects of dying and death. This commentary is about the psychological aspects of dying and death – and what you as a planner – and as a human – need to know. We are – EACH OF US - in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic – so at no time in the memory of anyone still walking today is the subject of death and dying more on our minds. This commentary will cover why every member of the estate planning team must think and know more about the psychology of death and dying. I’ll cover the five payoffs of the estate planning process – beyond tax savings and appropriate disposition of assets – why we as professionals need to be more involved as counselors – and the feelings our clients are likely to go through in their late aging and dying process. I’ll also cover success factors in working with clients – and the emotional problems of the survivors and the tools you have to help them get through their most difficult trials.


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