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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Does Little Richard’s Son Inherit his $40 Million Career or Will God Get Everything?

LittlerichardThe legendary musician Little Richard helped revolutionize music, bringing forth the rock-and-roll movement. It is rumored that he earned $40 million over his decades long career, but the question is how much of that is left? And who will it pass on to?

Richard's 49-year-old son Danny may be getting a portion of it, whether by default or design, as they remained on good terms during the musician's life. But the assets that could be inherited are questionable. Unfortunately, he sold the publishing rights to his songs in the mid-1950s and the intellectual property eventually ended up at Sony. Unlike for children of other older musicians, there is no vast copyright library to harvest income for future generations, nor a secret archive of unreleased recordings.

Hologram projections of his father may not be Danny's forte, as it is known that he is an individual that values his privacy.Richard's surviving siblings are too old to attempt to push the hologram feature, and the traditional churches he associated with are most likely not interested, either. 

See Scott Martin, Does Little Richard’s Son Inherit his $40 Million Career or Will God Get Everything?, Wealth Advisor, May 11, 2020.


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