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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Call for Papers for the Journal of Elder Policy, 2021 Special Issue

Protecting Older Adults During a Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for Societies

Editor-in-Chief: Eva Kahana PhD
Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Abstracts of 500 words are due by June 15, 2020.

Full papers (8,000 -10,000 words) due by September 30, 2020.

As we all process our new reality of coping with and surviving an on-going global pandemic, it is important that we focus on what can be done to protect older adults and what we can learn from the spread of this contagion.

Older adults, particularly those with underlying health conditions and/or disabilities are particularly at risk from the novel COVID-19. Not only are they more likely to develop severe complications if exposed to the virus, but they are also made more vulnerable by things such as social isolation (whether in their homes or in an institution), inability to access groceries and medications, and simply ageism. Indeed, many people were not taking the virus seriously at first since it seemed to only severely impact the health of older adults.

To address these important issues, the Journal of Elder Policy is issuing a call for papers that address policy challenges and implications related to COVID-19 and older adults. We welcome both empirical and conceptual papers from diverse disciplines. We seek papers that employ policy approaches to illustrate how the rise of coronavirus impacts older adults.  We are also eager to hear from scholars across the world facing unique challenges in their own countries.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Risk assessment, Ageism, Legislation to protect older adults,
  • Community initiatives, Medical and nursing perspectives,
  • Mental health challenges for elders, Family support or conflict,
  • Helping and volunteering, Rationing of care, Challenges for caregivers

Authors should send their Vita and a 500 word abstract related to their paper by June 15 to Managing Assistant Editor, Kaitlyn Langendoerfer (kxb289@case.edu)

All articles will be peer reviewed.


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