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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Inventor of 'Sourtoe Cocktail' Passes Away at 89, Leaves his Toes to the Bar

SourtoeDick Stevenson, the man behind the infamous drink the "Sourtoe Cocktail," passed away at the age of 89. His will stipulated that all 10 of his toes are to be left to the Dawson City Downtown Hotel's bar in Canada's Yukon Territory. Stevenson's daughter, Dixie, said “It brought him the most fame of anything he’s ever done.”

Stevenson, or Captain Dick, came up with the odd drink in 1973: a shot of whiskey garnished with an amputated, mummified human toe. The idea occurred to him after buying a cabin and finding that the previous owners had left behind a jar containing a preserved toe. The toe garnishment is not to be consumed, or the patron will have to cough up $500. When the toes are not in use on the rim of drinks, they are kept packed in salt behind the bar. So far, the bar has served the cocktail to over $93,000 customers.

A representative for the hotel released a statement, saying "The Downtown Hotel mourns the loss and celebrates the life of Captain Dick Stevenson, the originator of the Sourtoe Cocktail. He certainly was one of the Yukon’s most colourful characters and a tremendous ambassador for Dawson City. His passion, creativity and energy will be missed and we are grateful for the legacy he left behind. The Sourtoe Cocktail continues to make headlines around the world and puts Dawson City on the map. Rest in Peace Captain Dick!"

His ashes will also be on display at the hotel in a toe-shaped urn that he commissioned before his death.

See Michael Bartiromo, Inventor of 'Sourtoe Cocktail' Passes Away at 89, Leaves his Toes to the Bar, Fox News, November 18, 2019.


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