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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

SEALs seeking particpation in T&E discussion groups

SealsThe SEALS T&E Resource Group has developed two discussion group proposals for the 2020 SEALS Conference.  Prof. Deborah S. Gordon is inviting you to indicate your interest in one or both of the proposals.  Please feel free to share this posting with anyone else you think might be interested.

The 2020 SEALS Conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July 30 to August 5. (More information about SEALS is available at https://sealslawschools.org/ .) A description of the two discussion groups appears below.

Prof. Gordon is collecting the information for the groups. If you are interested, please email her at dsg45@drexel.edu by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 28 (sorry for the quick turn-around). In the email, please indicate one (or both!) of the discussion group proposals you wish to join. If you need to tentatively indicate an interest subject to scheduling or travel budgets, just let her know.  Also, if you have an idea of what you would want to discuss, please include that information in the email (although doing so is not necessary at this time). 

Thanks for considering being part of one (or both) of the proposals.  

2020 SEALS Proposal – T&E Discussion Group - Teaching 

Title:  Using Technology and Creativity in the Trusts & Estates Classroom 


Trusts & Estates, as an area of law, has a reputation for being old-fashioned in its adherence to paper documents and other traditional rules.  Trusts & Estates professors, however, have harnessed the power of technology to bring the subject to life. Discussion group participants will share their ideas for how to use technology and other forms of creativity in the Trusts & Estates classroom for presentations, assignments, and assessment. Examples might include (but are not limited to): (1) polling apps; (2) remote or on-line course components; (3) video or audio presentations; (4) current events, popular culture, and interdisciplinary materials; and (6) any other uses of technology. 

2020 SEALS Proposal – T&E Discussion Group – Scholarship 

Title:  Current and Evolving Trusts & Estates Scholarship           


Scholarship in the Trusts & Estates field is dynamic and expanding beyond core topics.  Until recently, trusts and estates law primarily concerned mechanisms for the effective transfer of wealth, and was the province of dry formalities concerning the necessities for the execution of wills and, over the past century, trusts. There was widespread consensus over a series of core principles, concepts basic to the field.  New scholarship, however, seeks to challenge this traditional approach and to bring alternative perspectives to the core meanings and concepts of trusts and estates.  The scholarship today uses a variety of methodologies and lenses. In this discussion group, participants have an opportunity to present their current research and explore symmetries and differences between their various scholarly projects.


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