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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Article on The Practice of Law or Not the Practice of Law, That is the Question

Law2Virginia H. Grigg recently published an Article entitled, The Practice of Law or Not the Practice of Law, That is the Question, Wealth Strategies Journal (2019). Provided below is introduction to the Article.

As attorneys, we do not have to worry about engaging in the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) because we are licensed to practice law in our given jurisdictions. However, we have office staff and we are responsible to ensure that they do not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. We also have clients that may come to us asking in what activities they may engage and not run afoul of the UPL rules. The purpose of UPL rules and enforcement is to protect the public against legal services being provided by unqualified individuals. However, there is a justice gap in the US and states are looking for ways to provide quality legal services to more of their residents at an affordable cost. Many jurisdictions are now licensing individuals who are not lawyers but serve clients in a quasi-lawyer position. We are also seeing a rise in the do-it-yourself legal industry and state bars must determine whether the providing of legal forms constitutes the practice of law in their jurisdictions.


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