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Monday, September 9, 2019

How a Nearly Brain Dead 'Miracle Man' Survived After Being Taken Off Life Support

BrainscanT. Scott Marr allegedly suffered a stroke in December of 2018 in his Nebraska home and was rushed to Methodist Hospital where he was placed on life support. The attending doctors did not believe that he would survive and his condition worsened with severe brain swelling. His four children were faced with the difficult decision on whether to take their 61-year-old father off the machines that kept him alive.

After saying good-bye in his hospital room, the children decided to take him off life support and even planned to have the funeral the very next day. But instead of quickly fading away, Marr started to respond and regain functions. Soon he was able to smile and move his hands and toes.

Imaging revealed that Marr did not have a stroke, but actually had posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES), with an uncommon symptom being brain swelling. This explains why doctors misdiagnosed the man.

Thankfully, PRES includes a good prognosis and ability to manage, as was the outcome in this case.

See Dr. Manny Alvarez, How a Nearly Brain Dead 'Miracle Man' Survived After Being Taken Off Life Support, Fox News, September 8, 2019.


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