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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Luke Perry Protected His Family With Estate Planning

LukeperryLuke Perry, the actor who achieved fame by playing Dylan on the television series Beverly Hills 90210, suffered a stroke last week at the young age of 52. His family then made the decision on March 4 to remove Perry life support, after it was apparent that he would not recover. Though this choice must have been highly difficult for his children, fiancé, and ex-wife, Perry had the forethought to protect them by conducting adequate estate planning.

In California, the documentation required to allow a family member to end life support must be in writing. Perry's family would have most likely been forced to acquire a court order to it without it, especially if family members had disagreed with the decision. According to a friend, Perry had a colonoscopy a few years ago in which precancerous growths were discovered. Though he did not develop cancer, it drove the actor to make a will in 2015, leaving his estate to his two children, 21-year-old Jack and 18-year-old Sophie.

A question yet remains if he had altered his will after 2015 to include his fiancé, therapist Wendy Madison Bauer.

But Perry's death can a lessen to others as to not wait until their twilight years or a serious illness to prepare an estate plan. Though it was his cancer scare that pushed him to make his will, he definitely did not expect to die at the age of 52 - when he had been a thriving, healthy adult just the week before.

See Danielle and Andy Mayoras, Luke Perry Protected His Family With Estate Planning, Forbes, March 8, 2019.

Special thanks to Matthew Bogin, (Esq., Bogin Law) for bringing this memorandum to my attention.


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