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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Woman Says Stuffed Bear Won at Holiday Gift Exchange is Filled with Cremains

BearWhite elephant gifts are supposed to be wacky, funny, and surprising. But when one Texas woman came home with a stuffed teddy bear that appeared to be stuffed with the cremated remains of a person, she was more than a bit surprised.

Rakhi Desai always looks forward to the white elephant gift exchange between her friends. She was expecting an adult themed cookbook or other form of present to illicit giggles, but was not too upset when she brought home the teddy bear with a stitched heart on its chest. On its foot read Neptune Society, and its tag read, “I hope I can bring you comfort in whatever life brings your way." When Desai saw the hidden insides, it clicked - the bear was filled with someone's loved one's cremains.

She contacted her friend that bought the bear from an estate sale, but could not remember when or where. So Desai called the Neptune Society, but the company said they do not track down owners. But there is a name on the bear’s tag. Desai’s hoping the owner can tell her what it is so she knows it’s the right family. “Miracles happen every day. So if there’s a positive end to this story, that would be great.”

See Woman Says Stuffed Bear Won at Holiday Gift Exchange is Filled with Cremains, Tucson News, December 28, 2018.



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