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Monday, December 3, 2018

Woman Says Man Brought Her to Grandmother's Funeral on First Date

CasketOne woman's date in the United Kingdom took a surprising turn. According to a text message conversation with her friend Bridget Jones (maybe she put it in her diary?), the date topped her list of worst first dates.

After being told to wear a black dress, the woman was expecting a romantic outing. But the notion of romance died when they pulled up to a crematorium. The man told her he really needed someone to come with him “to this thing,” which turned out to be his grandmother’s funeral. Not wanting to be rude nor to cause a scene, the woman attended the funeral with the man.

But the awkwardness continued and compounded. The man's mother was inconsolable, sobbing, and appeared to be "on some kind of medication." The man unashamedly joined in the crying, and the woman was placed in the position of "comfort[ing] this total stranger." The woman found out that the man's girlfriend had left him a few weeks prior, and apparently needed someone to fill her spot.

After the funeral, she made her date take her home and said she did not stay for the wake. Safe to say there will not be a second date.

See Michelle Gant, Woman Says Man Brought Her to Grandmother's Funeral on First Date, Fox News, November 30, 2018.


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