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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Podcast: Navigating Between the Hard-Knock Life and Easy Street When Passing Assets to Children

ACTEC_FoundationNavigating Between the Hard-Knock Life and Easy Street When Passing Assets to Children is the subject of a recent ACTEC Trust & Estate Talk. 

Your children can be your pride and joy; they can also be your heirs, legatees, and beneficiaries – even as minors. Does your client intend to leave Little Orphan Annie or the next Richie Rich? Listen here to learn more about the rights of children to receive property from intestate estates and how to pass property effectively to children, from the Honorable Christine Butts of Houston, Texas and ACTEC Fellow Jane Ditelberg.


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The topic title sounds eerily similar to a recent article in the Texas Bar Journal: "Equitable Adoption: A look at how to address pitfalls in Texas' process" ...


From the article: "A billionaire with no biological children takes in an orphan and treats her like his own daughter. The precocious orphan with a penchant for catchy songs loves the old man as a father. But because of some mischief carried out by the orphanage’s matron, her felonious brother, and his gold-digging girlfriend, the billionaire never signs adoption papers. Sadly, after foiling the matron’s plot to collect an award and return the orphan to a life of servitude, the billionaire dies intestate.

Based on a referral from the billionaire’s assistant, you help the orphan file an application to declare heirship, asking the court to declare she is the billionaire’s adopted daughter and only heir. But the billionaire’s long-lost brother contests the application, claiming he is the only heir. Is the orphan doomed to a hard-knock life, or will she be living on Easy Street? As always in this line of work, the answer is … maybe."

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