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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Navy Veteran Holds Garage Sale to Pay for Own Funeral

DavisWillie Davis, a Navy veteran living in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, that is suffering from stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma has found a way to pay for his last expenses: a garage sale of the majority of his belongings. His hope is to be able to be buried next to his parents in Culpepper, Virginia, which would approximately cost $15,000

Two men that visited the garage sale, Ed Sheets and David Dunkleberger, were saddened by the idea that Davis was selling his items just to fund his funeral. They took it upon themselves to help out the aging veteran by starting a GoFundMe page. "It broke your heart, hearing the story, and we just decided we had to do something to try and help him, try to make his life a little bit easier," Sheets said.

The GoFundMe page originally had a goal $5,000. Since then it has been increased to $40,000 after the initial objective was passed.

See Stephen Source, Navy Veteran, 66, With Terminal Cancer Holds Yard Sales to Raise Money for Funeral, Fox News, September 26, 2018.



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