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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Interested in Joining Application for Trusts & Estates Collaborative Research Network?

Bridget Crawford (Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, New York) and Kate Galloway (Faculty of Law, Bond University, Australia) are preparing an application to the Law and Society Association for the formation of a Trusts & Estates Collaborative Research Network.  Here's a description of the function of the proposed network:

This CRN will provide a forum within the Law & Society Association for scholars from all disciplines who are interested in the effects on society of the law, practice and effects of succession (also referred to as inheritance) and wealth transfers (whether at death or during lifetime, outright or in trust). Subjects of inquiry may involve any aspect of government or social policy with respect to trusts, estates, inheritance, wealth transfer, equity or courts with jurisdiction over these issues. Participants are encouraged to apply multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to questions across the range of scholarship in this area: issues related to transfer of wealth between spouses or family members; preferences created for certain types of transfers or transfers to particular classes of individuals; the transfer of wealth to charities or non-profit organizations; generational equity; issues of social and economic inequality; comparative aspects of the law of succession and the law of trusts more broadly; the relationship between/among gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, immigration, language status, disability and the law of succession and the law of trusts; the socio-linguistics of testation and wealth transfer; access to estate planning justice for low- and middle-income individuals; questions of cultural or group inheritance rights; and similar issues.

If you would like to be part of the application for the Trusts & Estates CRN, please send an email to Bridget Crawford (bcrawford at law.pace.edu) and indicate whether you are a current Law & Society member. For those who are not familiar with the operations of the LSA (very large) Annual Meeting, one principal function of the CRNs is to "bundle” papers and panels into coherent thematic programs with chairs and commentators. All who are interested are welcome to join the initial application. Non-U.S. scholars warmly encouraged to join the application.


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