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Monday, October 30, 2017

Funeral Home Horrors Put Spotlight on Spotty Regulations

ImageThe rotten stench of decomposition and death hung heavy in the air of a quiet Flint, Michigan neighborhood. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Swanson Funeral Home was the source of the stench. Inspectors sent to the funeral home after multiple complaints found ten bodies decaying in an unrefrigerated garage. At least one corpse was not embalmed and had been in the garage for about six weeks. The funeral home had previously been fined several times and had received a number of complaints, including mixing up two bodies. Scott Gillian, the National Funeral Directors Association’s general counsel, said, “I think better state oversight is certainly the solution, [but] it’s really going to be a budget thing. Most states are struggling with budgets. It costs more money to hire inspectors and hire better enforcement.”

See Corey Williams, Funeral Home Horrors Put Spotlight on Spotty Regulations, Associated Press, October 29, 2017.


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