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Friday, July 14, 2017

Alan Thicke's Widow Asks Judge for Help with Thicke's Sons

0713-tanya-brennan-robin-thicke-tmz-getty-composite-3Tanya Callau, Alan Thicke's widow, is asking a judge to set Thicke's sons straight regarding their legal request to stop Callau from challenging her premarital agreement. Callau staunchly denies any effort or intent on her part to challenge the agreement and is claiming the legal action is simply an attempt by Thicke's sons to publicly humiliate her. She insists she is only seeking what is rightfully hers: a cut of Thicke's ranch, a right to live there, and a portion of Thicke's other assets.

See Alan Thicke's Widow: Please Judge, Throw Robin and His Bro out of Court, TMZ, July 13, 2017.


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