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Friday, June 9, 2017

Buried Alive

SalaevRussian businessman, Khikment Salaev, was kidnapped and then buried alive by Russian gangsters over an outstanding debt. Salaev owed his “business partners” 30 million roubles (£410,000). Despite their irritation, the gangsters generously left Salaev with his cellphone after they buried him alive. Salaev was able to call his brother who negotiated a payment with the kidnappers. His brother paid a small portion of the debt with cash and also gave the mobsters his BMW. It was only after this payment that Salaev’s brother was given the location of the grave. Salaev was unburied after four hours in the ground. He suffered several broken ribs caused by his struggle as his captors drug him to the grave. The Russian media has warned of a return to the gangsterism seen after the fall of the Soviet Union.

See Will Stewart, Businessman Is Saved by His Brother After Calling Him from His 'Grave' When He Is Buried ALIVE by Russian Mobsters over a £410,000 Debt, Daily Mail.com, June 7, 2017.


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