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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Estate Planning Lessons from John B.

John b“S-Town” is the successor podcast to the famous “Serial” podcast. The podcast depicts the anti-hero, John B., who lives in a house on 128 acres in Woodstock, Alabama with his mother who suffers from dementia. Most residents of Woodstock thought John B. was a wealthy man, but upon committing suicide, he dies without a will and without a plan for someone to take care of his mother. However, John B. did leave instructions with a friend about what to do and who to contact after his death. His story represents several estate planning lessons. You should always choose a will over a set of instructions, but leaving both is not a bad idea. Without a will, your assets will pass to those heirs designated by the estate, and your loved ones will be cared for by a relative willing to serve as guardian, both scenarios may not represent your true wishes.

See Jay Brinker, Don’t Be Like John B. (Estate Planning Lessons from “S-Town”), Jay Brinker Blog, April 21, 2017.


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