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Friday, October 21, 2016

Survey Reveals Helpful Insights for the Future of Estate Planning

Estate planning3In recent findings by WealthCounsel, the Estate Planning Awareness Survey helped to reveal estate planning insights that will impact the legal industry on both the firm and client levels. Nearly half of those surveyed (47%) believe that estate planning is largely for the wealthy, and 49% report feeling that their assets are not worth enough to consider an estate plan. Subsequently, the survey report addressed some of the major reasons why Americans are not planning, including feeling that their assets are not worthwhile (37%) and that they are not wealthy enough (29%). Additionally, only 27% of participants have talked with family members about creating an estate plan. Perhaps, this misinformation stems from the fact that 53% reported that it was difficult to find an advisor they trust in helping out with their estate planning needs. This Survey insightfully brings attention to the need for improvement in America’s awareness and understanding of estate planning, allowing for future opportunities to extend services to all Americans in need of these services. 

See What Do Americans Think About Estate Planning?: Key Findings of WealthCounsel’s Inaugural Estate Planning Awareness Survey, WealthCounsel (2016).

Special thanks to Peter MacKellar (Vice President, Financial Services (Communication Strategy Group)) for bringing this article to my attention.  



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