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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Article on the Disposition of Art Collections

Art collection2Ramsay H. Slugg recently published an Article entitled, Practical Planning for Art Collectors and Their Advisors, Part 2, 30 Prob. & Prop. (No. 4) (July/August 2016). Provided below is a summary of the Article:

This is the second of a two-part article based on the author’s book, Handbook of Practical Planning for Art Collectors and Their Advisors. Part 1, “The Ancillaries,” Prob. & Prop., Mar./Apr. 2016, at 6, focused on those matters the collector should take into consideration regardless of the ultimate disposition of the collection; Part 2 focuses on planning for that ultimate disposition.

Collectors often are overwhelmed by a seemingly endless number of choices of what to do with their art, but they really have only three choices: sell it, transfer it to family members (or other noncharitable beneficiaries), or donate it to a charitable beneficiary. And there are only two times collectors can do something with their art: when they are alive, and when they are not.


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