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Friday, November 28, 2014

Swiss Museum Releases List of Artwork in Cornelius Gurlitt's Possession

Swiss Museum

As I have previously mentioned, the Kunstmuseum Bern has accepted the legacy of Cornelius Gurlitt.  As promised by the museum, the artworks discovered in Gurlitt’s possession are being made public in the interests of transparency. 

“We have promised transparency and are now acting accordingly.  We are therefore happy to be able to release, only three days after deciding to sign the agreement, the information we currently have at our disposal. The ongoing categorization has not been completed in full yet.  Additionally, we will further endeavor to emend the lists, step by step, for example, in regard to attributing the works to artists or improving the quality of the photos of the pictures and ensuring that all of them are photographed.  Any new, validated information will be made known the public immediately.”

On November 21st, a legal heiress to Gurlitt applied for a certificate of inheritance at a probate court in Munich.  Thus, the current executor will stay responsible for the administration of the legacy.  As a result, the Kunstmuseum Bern will have only restricted access to the works of art. 

See Kunstmuseum Bern Releases the Lists of the Artworks That Were Discovered in Cornelius Gurlitt’s Homes, Art Daily, Nov. 28, 2014.


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