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Friday, April 11, 2014

Article on New Green Book Proposals

GreenbookRobert L. Moshman (Attorney, New York and New Jersey) recently published an article in The Estate Analyst entitled, New Green Book Proposals, The Estate Analyst (Feb. 2014). An excerpt from the article is below:

The Administration’s budget proposal for 2015, also referred to as the “Green Book,” contains several new provisions relating to estate taxation.

Crummey Trusts: The present interest requirement for gifts qualifying for the annual gift tax exclusion would be abolished, making it unnecessary to provide a trust beneficiary with a Crummey withdrawal power. This proposal resembles one made by the Clinton Administration. The annual exclusion would apply to a gift that is made directly to an individual or to a trust for a single individual. The trust assets would be includible in the beneficiary’s estate if the donee died before the trust assets were distributed. The proposal would allow up to $50,000 of annual exemption for gifts to trusts or of other property that would not currently qualify as a transfer of a present interest.


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