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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Court Battle over Pendergrass Estate

Teddy Pendergrass 2

The son and second wife of late singer Teddy Pendergrass are currently battling over the rights to his estate.

His son, Teddy Pendergrass II, claims a 2009 will names him executor and beneficiary of the estate.  Second wife Joan Pendergrass, who married the hit singer in 2008, has the burden to prove this will is invalid and that Teddy intended for Joan to take over his estate.

The first witness called in the trial was private-duty nurse, Gordon Nicholson.  Pendergrass was left a quadriplegic following a car crash in 1982.  Nicholson testified that Pendergrass was always under round-the-clock care, making it difficult for Pendergrass to leave the house undetected to sign any will.  Nicholson also testified Pendergrass did not have the motor skills to sign his name.  The trial is expected to last several days.

See Carl Hessler Jr., Son and Second Wife of Singer Teddy Pendergrass Battle in Court over Late Singer’s Estate, Times-Standard, Nov. 20, 2013.


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