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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nancy Lanza's Will Leaves Estate To Her Sons

Unknown-3When Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, she had nearly $60,000 in bank accounts and a will that left everything to Adam and his brother, Ryan Lanza.

Probate Judge Joseph Egan assigned Stamfor attorney Samuel Starks to search for Nancy's will and file an accounting of her estae. Earlier this week, Starks filed the 1994 will in the regional Probate Court in Bethel, but he has not yet filed that accounting. 

Nancy's will lists her brother James and her former husband Peter Lanza's brother, Mark Lanza, as alternate executors of her estate.  Both men submitted letters indicating that they do not wish to serve as executor. That is why Egan named Starks as administrator of the will. When Peter Lanza signed off on Starks as the administrator, he also requested that Starks remove Adam Lanza's possessions from the house.  Many of Adam's possessions, including personal journals and drawings, were sent to the FBI behavioral Analysis Unit to create a profile of the shooter.  Police also found and removed over 1,500 rounds of ammunition, some guns, knives, and samurai swords.

See Dave Altimari, Nancy Lanza's Will, Which Dates to 1994, Left Estate to Her Sons, Adam and Ryan, courant.com, Apr. 5, 2013. 


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