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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher was a controversial figure in Great Britain's history, a legacy that carries on after her death. A debate in emerging about the type of funeral the late-Prime Minister should have. The question asked is whether her funeral should be state or ceremonial? Some would argue that it should be neither. They point to their history that in the past Prime Ministers rarely have state or ceremonial funerals. The last state funeral was given to Winston Churchill, but the site the fact that Churchill long record of public service.

Ultimately,Thatcher's funeral will be one with military honors and likely cost both the government and her estate roughly £8million. Others argue that the government should not have to pay anything for her funeral citing the fact that she is quite wealthy and so are the members in her family. The author argued that the government should actually be placing more funding into funerals-by-the-state, or funeral of those who die without relatives and are forgotten. The author contends that this is a more noble cause.

See FleetStreetFox, Why The £8million Margaret Thatcher's Funeral Will Cost Would Be Better Spent On Those Who Die Unnoticed, The Mirror, Apr. 9, 2013.


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