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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Woman Who Poisoned Smoothie Sentenced to Three Consecutive Terms

Images-4Last Tuesday, Vernal’s 8th District Judge Clark McClellan, sentenced Selena Irene York to three consecutive prison terms up to five years each for spiking a 79-year-old man’s smoothie with antifreeze. The man, Ed Zurburchen, had opened his home up to York and her daughter. Prosecutors report that she stole $10,000 from Zurbuchen and named herself the beneficiary of his life insurance policy.

Zurburchen was hospitalized after the poisoning attempt in 2008 and he still is not sure how the damage will affect him as his life goes on. The case was originally on hold until a disgruntled ex-boyfriend in Oregon notified Vernal police that York had been bragging about the poisoning. He also reported that she similarly drained his bank accounts and sold his cars while he was in jail.

See Lynn DeBruin, Selena Irene York Sentenced For Spiking Utah Man’s Smoothie with Antifreeze, Huffington Post, Feb. 14, 2012.


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