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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Witness Signatures Deemed Fraudulent On The Will of A Murder Victim

Unknown-7Stacey Castor was convicted of killing her husband, David Castor Sr. in Syracuse, New York. Two of her friends, Lynn and Paul Pulaski are being ordered to pay more than $377,000 for cheating David Castor Jr. out of his inheritance by falsely claiming that they witnessed David Castor Sr. sign a will leaving everything to Stacey Castor.

Lynn and Paul Pulaski are escaped criminal prosecution for their actions because they agreed to testify in the murder trial against Stacey Castor, but they are not going to escape civil liability. Stacey had asked Lynn and Paul to sign the will a month after she killed David Castor and then backdate the signatures to 2003.

Stacey Castor and both Pulaskis will all be responsible for paying the damages. David Castor Jr. is owed $127,118.65 from his father’s estate and the judge found punitive damages against the Pulaskis in the amount of $250,000. All three parties will also be responsible for any legal fees incurred by David Castor Jr.

See Jim O’Hara, Stacey Castor and Friends Ordered To Pay Murder Victim’s Son Damages For Phony Will Scam, Syracuse.com, Dec. 20, 2011.


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