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Monday, September 26, 2011

Do Loved Ones Say Goodbye After Death?

Goodbye Some people believe that their deceased loved ones have contacted them from beyond the grave during a paranormal event called a “crisis apparition.” A beauty shop owner in New Jersey claims she had a conversation with a customer, hours after his dead body was found. A grandson asserts that his grandfather gave him a farewell message just moments after he died from lung cancer.

Theories for these strange events range from telepathic transmissions, to a trick of the brain. Though skeptics abound, believers claim these apparitions appear as a way to give comfort to those left behind. One woman who experienced a “crisis apparition” gave the following explanation for her inexplicable experience, “these experiences have made me believe that those we love are really not that far away at all and know when we are not doing as well as we could. Just as they did in life, they offer comfort during crisis.”

See John Blake, Do Loved Ones Bid Farewell From Beyond the Grave?, CNN Living, Sep. 23, 2011.


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Before I use to dream of my father who passed away 12 years ago. He was smiling at me. But I never had dream of my son who passed away 7 years ago. He died when he was still in my tummy and was 8 months then. I think he never showed in my dreams because he was too young at that time and we never had the chance to be together.

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