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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mississippi Blogger has Fun on April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day David Russell, senior editor of The Mississippi Fiduciary blog, wrote a blog today, April 1st, about the Latent Cerebral Recovery (LCR) device developed in China.  A summary of his posting is below:

With LCR, scientists are able to ask the deceased questions and decode the information after stimulating cells in the cerebral cortex. While some psychics are concerned about the device’s effect on the psychic industry, Madame Seline says that the device has limitations that do not threaten her: the device is only accurate for one hour after death while she can speak to the dead for years after death. Estate planners are excited about the device, realizing that they may be able to execute wills even after someone dies physically.

After discussing this new discovery in China, Mr. Russell ends with an author’s comment: “to read the full story, don’t click anything. Just take note of today’s date and smile.”

David Russell, Medical Science Redefines Post-Mortem Planning, The Mississippi Fiduciary, Apr. 1, 2011.


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