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Monday, March 28, 2011

Top SSRN Downloads

Ssrn_2 Here are the top downloads from January 24, 2011 to March 25, 2011 from the SSRN Journal of Wills, Trusts, & Estates Law for all papers announced in the last 60 days.

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 858 The Fundamentals of Wealth Transfer Tax Planning: 2011 and Beyond
John A. Miller, Jeffrey A. Maine,
University of Idaho College of Law, University of Maine School of Law,
Date posted to database: January 27, 2011
Last Revised: January 27, 2011
2 441 The Politics and Policy of the Estate Tax - Past, Present, and Future
Michael J. Graetz, Michael J. Graetz,
Columbia Law School, Yale Law School,
Date posted to database: February 6, 2011
Last Revised: March 17, 2011
3 228 The Debt-Equity Distinction
Robert Flannigan,
University of Saskatchewan,
Date posted to database: January 21, 2011
Last Revised: March 7, 2011
4 206 Exposing the Hocus Pocus of Trusts
Kent D. Schenkel,
New England Law - Boston,
Date posted to database: February 28, 2011
Last Revised: February 28, 2011
5 206 The Economic Structure of Fiduciary Law
Robert H. Sitkoff,
Harvard Law School,
Date posted to database: March 11, 2011
Last Revised: March 11, 2011
6 162 Estate Planning for Digital Assets
Gerry W. Beyer, Kerri M. Griffin,
Texas Tech University School of Law, Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal,
Date posted to database: March 9, 2011
Last Revised: March 21, 2011
7 111 Lawyers and Slaves: A Remarkable Case of Representation from the Antebellum South
Jason Gillmer,
Gonzaga University - School of Law,
Date posted to database: February 4, 2011
Last Revised: February 4, 2011
8 109 The Prudent Investor Rule and Trust Asset Allocation: An Empirical Analysis
Max M. Schanzenbach, Robert H. Sitkoff,
Northwestern University - School of Law, Harvard Law School,
Date posted to database: January 29, 2011
Last Revised: March 10, 2011
9 85 The Geography of Love: Same-Sex Marriage & Relationship Recognition in America (The Story in Maps)
Peter Nicolas, Mike Strong,
University of Washington School of Law, Unaffiliated Authors - affiliation not provided to SSRN,
Date posted to database: February 9, 2011
Last Revised: February 11, 2011
10 45 Internal Revenue Code Section 170(h): National Perpetuity Standards for Federally Subsidized Conservation Easements Part 1: The Standards
Nancy A. McLaughlin,
University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law,
Date posted to database: January 20, 2011
Last Revised: January 20, 2011


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