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Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 Ways to Put Your Body to Use After Death

Brain in a jar J. Nathan Bazzel, a thirty-eight-year-old HIV-positive man, signed documents to donate his body to the Mutter Museum so that scientists can learn from his remains. Because being on display in a museum isn’t for everyone, CNN came up with a list of ten ways to put your body to use in the spirit of the Halloween season:

      1. Donate Your Organs. Nineteen people die daily waiting for an organ. You could lower that number. 
      2. Donate Your Tissue. You can donate your bones, heart valves, corneas, or ligaments. 
      3. Will Your Body to a University. Help future doctors learn how to help others. 
      4. Help Doctors Practice Their Skills. Donate your body to a research institute for doctors to learn new techniques. 
      5. Leave Your Body to “The Body Farm.” This is where detectives study decaying bodies to learn how to determine time of death. 
      6. Become a Crash Test Cadaver
      7. Give Your Body to a Broker. Brokers take your body parts and transfer them to scientists who use them for training, research, and education. 
      8. Send Your Body on Tour. You could become one of the “Body Worlds” exhibits by donating your body to the Institute for Plastination. 
      9. Become a Skeleton
      10. Be on Display at a Museum. Like Bazzel, you could become a display at a museum. Museums are particularly interested in bodies with abnormalities.

For more information, including links to help you get started for any of these ten options, see Elizabeth Cohen, Ten Uses for Your Body After You Die, CNN, Oct. 28, 2010.

Special thanks to Hayden Olson (2011 J.D. Candidate, Texas Tech School of Law) for bringing this to my attention.


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