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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Creditor Claims Process in Texas Probate Courts

Court Gus Tamborello (attorney, Houston) has published his article entitled Creditor Claims in Independent and Dependent Administrations in Texas-Beware of the Trap Doors!, The Advocate, Fall 2009, at 49.

 The following is the introduction to the article:

Handling creditor claims in Texas probate court is a bit like creeping through a haunted house-- confusing and downright scary.  The Texas Probate Court sections pertaining to creditor claims are often the most misapplied and misunderstood statutes in the probate process. At first blush, there appears to be no rational organization or specific applicability to an independent or dependent administration.  Hence, a clear understanding of the creditor claims process is imperative if we are to guide our clients who are personal representatives, creditors, and beneficiaries through this frightening maze unscathed.


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