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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top SSRN Downloads

Ssrn_2 Here are the top downloads from June 30, 2009 to August 29, 2009 from the SSRN Journal of Wills, Trusts, & Estates Law for all papers announced in the last 60 days.

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 283 Ghosts of 1932: The Lost History of Estate and Gift Taxation
Jeffrey A. Cooper,
Quinnipiac University School of Law,
Date posted to database: July 26, 2009
Last Revised: July 26, 2009
2 184 Protecting Trust Assets from the Federal Tax Lien
Bryan Camp,
Texas Tech University - School of Law,
Date posted to database: June 24, 2009
Last Revised: August 3, 2009
3 111 Jorgensen: A Familiar FLP Story
Wendy C. Gerzog,
University of Baltimore - School of Law,
Date posted to database: July 6, 2009
Last Revised: July 6, 2009
4 99 Estate Tax on Gift Tax: The Liability Conundrum
Bridget J. Crawford, Jonathan G. Blattmachr,
Pace University School of Law, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP,
Date posted to database: June 8, 2009
Last Revised: June 12, 2009
5 72 Estate Planning Implications of the Right of Publicity
Paul L. Caron,
University of Cincinnati - College of Law,
Date posted to database: July 1, 2009
Last Revised: August 19, 2009
6 59 On Estate Tax Repeal and Charitable Bequests
David Joulfaian,
U.S. Department of the Treasury,
Date posted to database: June 5, 2009
Last Revised: June 27, 2009
7 53 Fiduciary Conflicts
Steven L. Schwarcz,
Duke University - School of Law,
Date posted to database: August 1, 2009
Last Revised: August 26, 2009
8 45 The Effects of Donor Standing on Philanthropy: Insights from the Psychology of Gift-Giving
Reid K. Weisbord, Peter DeScioli,
Government of the United States of America - Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Chapman University Economic Science Institute,
Date posted to database: July 16, 2009
Last Revised: August 13, 2009
9 23 2009 Texas Legislative Update: Intestacy, Wills, Trusts, and Related Matters
Gerry W. Beyer,
Texas Tech University School of Law,
Date posted to database: July 23, 2009
Last Revised: July 23, 2009


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