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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ludicrous Last Wishes

Will2 Drafting a will for the following individuals would have been an interesting challenge.

  • Mary Kuhery: Left her husband $2 as long as he promised to spend half on a rope for hanging himself.
  • Samual Bratt: Left $30,000 to his wife who hated smoking on the condition that she smoke five cigars a day.
  • Juan Potoachi: Left 200,000 pesos to a Buenos Aires theater provided his skull be used in Hamlet productions.
  • John Bowman: Ordered that house be maintained and dinner be served daily for his reincarnated family.
  • Donal Russell: Requested that his skin be used for the cover of his poetry books, an unhonored request because it violated rules on disposal of human remains.
  • Harold West: Instructed doctor to drive a stake through his heart to make sure he did not turn into a vampire.

See The 10 strangest will bequests ever, Money Central, July 2, 2009.

Special thanks to Stacy Stockard (JD, Texas Tech, 2009) for bringing these interesting last wishes to my attention.


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