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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Courtney Love to sue Kurt Cobain's Estate

Cobain_KurtThe widow of singer Kurt Cobain who died fifteen years ago, Courtney Love, has indicated the she plans to file suit against Kurt's estate in an attempt to recoup millions of dollars she claims has been improperly taken from his estate. 

Here is an excerpt from Courtney Love Seeks to Reclaim “Looted” Kurt Cobain Fortune, Rolling Stone, April 8, 2009:

 “Courtney’s main interest is ensuring that her daughter gets the assets back that were stolen,” San Diego attorney Rhonda Holmes told E!. Holmes alleges that many of the people named in the lawsuit took advantage of Love’s blasé monitoring of Cobain’s estate — fortunately, approximately 100 boxes of the rocker’s personal belongings are safely locked away in an undisclosed storage facility * * *. According to Holmes, one scheme included real estate being purchased with Kurt, Courtney or Frances’ social security numbers and faked power of attorney forms, with the name on the purchase slightly altered.

“They would sell a piece of property to a related entity, to someone they know, and they would keep selling to make a profit,” Holmes said of the scam. “There are now Kurts and Courtneys and Franceses spelled different ways that allegedly own properties all over the country that were bought by Kurt’s assets.”


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I guess Kurt Cobain lives on, but seriously whoever was monitoring the executor must have been asleep at the wheel at least until now. I guess it reminds me of the media coverage of celebrity bankruptcies such as Michael Vick. E! Entertainment should consider adding information to their reporting about estate planning and use celebrities as examples of people who did not do it right.

Posted by: Houston Bankruptcy Attorney Alex Wathen | Apr 17, 2009 6:41:39 AM

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