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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

European Trust Taxation CLE

FeiFinancial Events International is sponsoring a conference in London on November 12, 2008 entitled Trusts Taxation in Europe.  If you can't make the trip to London, no worries -- the conference is also available via webcast.

Here is a description of the program:

Trusts structures are very efficient tax optimization tools especially in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, two of the key actors in this area. Since the Hague Convention has been ratified, news rules have emerged in these countries to modify their trusts taxation. Switzerland held new guidelines on trusts taxation in order to plan a federal taxation instead of a cantonal way previously while the United Kingdom, has implemented some important changes in its trusts taxation tools. These modifications will have a large impact on the UK trusts by changing for example tools for the residences and remittance rules.

The comparison between the pre-mentioned topics more Luxembourg will provide to the attendees an idea about which country will currently offer the best structures.

The topics that will be in-depth developed during the conference are:

  • Overview of the environment in the United Kingdom
    • Why the authorities modified its legislation.
    • What will be the impacts of the changes and do they represent a risk for the UK place against its competitors.
    • Are there still strategies to avoid taxation on remittance?
  • Switzerland as a jurisdiction of choice for trusts administration
    • Confidentiality, know-how and the reputation of Swiss financial centres: a reasonable regulatory approach preventing the risk of over-regulation currently threatening some of the other offshore jurisdictions
    • What are the implications of the circular?
  • The alternative situation of Luxembourg and Israel

The conference should be of interest for Trustees and their professional advisers, solicitors, accountants, private bankers and private office advisors, attorneys, trusts officers, accountants and wealth management professionals.


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