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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Makdisi and Bogart Publish 5th Edition of "Estates in Land and Future Interests"

Makdisi_bogart_bookJohn Makdisi (Professor of Law, St. Thomas University School of Law) and Daniel B. Bogart (Director of the Center for Land Resources, and Donley and Marjorie Bollinger Chair in Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Law, Chapman University School of Law) have recently published the Fifth Edition of Estates in Land and Future Interests: Problems and Answers.

Here is the publisher's description of their book:

[This book] provides a clear and systematic presentation of the rules and classifications of estate law. Problem sets in each chapter let students practice applying the rules and assigning the classifications of estates and future interests, carefully leading students from one level of complexity to the next.

  • 550 hypothetical problems that thoroughly cover the rules and their application
  • explanations of the answers to every problem
  • an up-to-date treatment of the Rules Against Perpetuities (RAP) that ensures continued usefulness for bar exam preparation
  • an organization that reflects the authors’ highly successful method for learning:
  1. learn the classifications for estates and future interests
  2. learn the rules governing those classifications
  3. tackle the Rules Against Perpetuities, which build on a knowledge of both the classifications and the rules
  • systematic coverage of common law
  • clear and concise explanations of classifications of interests and estates
  • a Correlation Chart that links topics covered in this book to those in the leading first-year Property casebooks

Updated throughout and with many new and updated problems, the Fifth Edition features:

  • revised and simplified introductions to the classification of estates and the classification of future interests
  • a comparative look at how several rules are used in different states
  • discussion of fee tails moved to appendix
  • an updated and expanded Correlation Chart


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