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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Son struggles with a decision of honoring his father’s deathbed wish or destroying a masterpiece

Screenhunter_03_mar_13_1101The following is from David M. Smith, To burn or not to burn?, posted on the Toronto Estate Law Blog by Hull & Hull LLP on March 6, 2008:

Dmitri Nabokov, the 73 yr old sole surviving heir of Vladimir Nabokov, continues his 30-yr struggle with his father's deathbed request that his last unpublished work, The Original of Laura, be destroyed.  The stakes are high for Laura; at one point, Dmitri referred to it as "the most concentrated distillation of [my father's] creativity.***

The long twisted saga may find its fate as a cliffhanger of sorts.  In a dramatic verdict, Dmitri indicated late last month that he had indeed "decided to make a decision" about what to do, but that he would "neither disclose publicly either the decision or the deed."  Apparently (or should I say apparition-ly?), Dmitri reached his decision after an imagined ghostly conversation with his dead father.  Stay tuned for the future unveiling of either a box of Laura's ashes or what might be Nabokov's greatest literary work.

Special thanks to Bruce S. Johnson (Associate Dean for Information Services, Thomas J. and Mary E. Heck and Leo H. Faust Memorial Designated Professor of Law, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University) for bringing this blog posting to my attention.


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