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Friday, March 21, 2008

Eco-Friendly Body Disposition -- Freeze-Dried Bodies

Freeze_driedNormal body disposition methods are not eco-friendly.

With a traditional burial, bacteria that produce harmful methane decompose the body.

With cremation, pollutants such as carbon, mercury, and dioxins are released into the air.

To solve these problems, Promessa Organic has developed a process to freeze-dry the human body.  Here is the company's description of the process:

Within a week and a half after death, the corpse is frozen to minus 18 degrees Celsius and then submerged in liquid nitrogen. This makes the body very brittle, and vibration of a specific amplitude transforms it into an organic powder that is then introduced into a vacuum chamber where the water is evaporated away.

The now dry powder then passes through a metal separator where any surgical spare parts and mercury are removed. In a similar way, the powder can be disinfected if required.

The remains are now ready to be laid in a coffin made of corn starch. There is no hurry with the burial itself. The organic powder, which is hygienic and odorless, does not decompose when kept dry. The burial takes place in a shallow grave in living soil that turns the coffin and its contents into compost in about 6-12 months time. In conjunction with the burial and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased or next of kin, a bush or tree can be planted above the coffin.

The compost formed can then be taken up by the plant, which can instill greater insight in and respect for the ecological cycle, of which every living thing is a part. The plant stands as a symbol of the person, and we understand where the body went.


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Many times, you'll get bogged down by the huge amount of cremation intelligence realizable.

Posted by: Cremation Urns Discount | Mar 31, 2008 6:04:20 PM

Is there a business in california that can legally freeze dry a corpse?

Posted by: lee becker | Mar 27, 2013 10:36:36 AM

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