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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pavarotti’s Wife Files a Lawsuit to Defend Herself from "Unseemly Gossip"


Earlier on this blog, I discussed the controversy surrounding a legendary Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti’s will.

Here are some of the most recent reports regarding the aftermath of Pavarotti’s death from BBC News, Pavarotti's widow suing friends, news.bbc.co.uk, Nov. 27, 2007.

The move comes weeks after Ms Mantovani, 37, attacked the Italian media for reporting "unseemly gossip" about her marriage to the tenor.

"Since the comments did not cease - and were, in fact, reiterated - Mantovani had no choice but to file the lawsuit," said her lawyer, Anna Maria Bernini.***

The two people named in the legal case are Franca Corfini Strata, the wife of the late singer's dietician, and Lidia La Marca, who is married to conductor Leone Magiera.***

Ms Mantovani is seeking 15 million euros (£10.7m) in damages from each, and intends to donate any award to charity, Ms Benini said.***

She denied being left in debt or that she was squabbling with his three adult daughters over his will.***

Special thanks to Joel Dobris (Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law) for bringing this article to my attention.


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