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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 2007 Issue of Wealth Strategies Journal

The following articles have now been posted on the Wealth Strategies Journal and are available for download:

Estate and Gift Tax Developments (March 2007) by Gal N. Kaufman, Melissa A.R. May, Patrick M. Schoshinski and Todd I. Steinberg

Never Spend Principal by Alice S. Paik

Never spend principal.  Perhaps no other precept of investing has been passed from generation to generation so solemnly, and for good reason.  Restricting spending to current income (primarily interest and dividends) can avoid a lot of trouble in an equity-oriented account, particularly in down markets.

Encouraging and Helping Your Clients to Provide for Pets in Estate Plans by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Your clients want the very best for their pets. They want to know that you as an estate planner can help them provide for the dog, cat, horse, or bird who is much more than simply property to them.

Beyond Traditional Estate Planning: Addressing The Personal Impact Of Inherited Wealth by William H. Soskin

Traditional estate planning documents do not assure clients that their heirs will use transferred wealth constructively and lead meaningful, happy and fulfilling lives.  Because the transfer of substantial wealth will significantly impact recipient, a critical question transferors must ask is what can be done to maximize the possibility that such wealth transfers will not adversely affect recipients or, conversely, how wealth can enhance the well-being and behavior of the inheritor.  This article explores how parents and other transferors can better make the transfer of wealth a constructive and positive event.

The Path Of Altruism: A Reflection On The Nature Of A Gift by James E. Hughes, Jr., Esq.

This article discusses differences between “gifts,” which enhance the human and intellectual development of others, and “transfers,” which may initiate the downhill slide of another in the state of victimhood known entitlement.


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