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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Enron’s former CEO passes away, or did he?

After his death on July 5, 2006, Ken Lay became the object of frustration for the last time involving the infamous Enron controversy. As FT.com’s Sheila McNulty reports:
At Wednesday's memorial for Ken Lay, Enron's former chief executive, his conviction over the collapse of the energy giant will be brushed over if mentioned at all. This may be a matter of selective memory in the Houston chapel, but in any Houston courthouse the omission is codified into law: in Texas the dead cannot be punished.
See Death adds new twist to Enron saga, MSNBC.com (July 12, 2006).
A number of bloggers question how Lay died, if he died, and the possible motivations for suicide. See Some Bloggers Doubt Ken Lay Died, Bloggersblog.com (July 10, 2006).
In fact, within minutes of the new report, Wikipedia.org, the online encyclopedia sometimes criticized because anyone may edit it, had a number of causes reported for Lay’s death. See Ken Lay's death prompts confusion on Wikipedia, Yahoo.com (July 5, 2006).


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