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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UMKC Seeks Visitor

The following information is adapted from several postings on the PropertyProf mailing list:

University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law is looking for visitor to teach Property and Estates and Trusts in the Fall 2006 semester. It will consider a person to teach Property and Estates and Trusts in the Fall semester, or to teach two sections of Property. If this person is available and interested, we may make the visit a full year with the visitor teaching Property II and another course to be determined in the Spring.  We can afford someone at the mid-level for a year, or a senior person for a semester. We could also do a retired faculty member for ¾ pay, and ask them to teach two courses in the fall and one in the spring.

The first year Property course is part of our six unit Property requirement. The course covers basic concepts of ownership and possession (including personal property issues), adverse possession, cotenancy, estates in land, marital property, and nuisance law.  Here's your chance to spread your wings beyond the confines of the tiny little four or five unit course you're stuck in.

The UMKC Law School typically is ranked in or near the top tier, depending upon the vagaries of the U.S. News marketing program. It is located in a very pleasant residential neighborhood near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. The faculty is congenial and a very interesting group of folks.

Kansas City is a terrific place to spend the fall (which normally has a great "leafing season"). The city has a very strong cultural presence - a world class art museum (the Nelson Atkins Museum), excellent professional theatre (located in the on-campus playhouse) opera, ballet, and symphony offerings both indigenous and visiting, and terrific visual arts. The Kansas City Arts institute is virtually adjacent to our campus, and next to that is the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the "Art Space" maintained by H. & R. Block. Visitors would overlap the season for the Royals (which are certain to be in a playoff hunt) and the Chiefs (likely to go to the Super Bowl). Interested parties will be hosted to both stadiums (Chiefs are perennially sold out - but I have season tickets.)

I'm not leaving, so, to the extent it's valuable for you, you'll be here at "DIRT central" and you'll find me a convivial foil for your views on the subject of Property. This is not a formal "look see" visit, although we may have needs in Property at some future time.

Interested parties should contact Associate Dean Jeff Thomas at 816 235 2378.


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