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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sperm Donors' Offspring Connect

A recent report discusses the growing trend of children who are born as a result of artificial insemination to connect with their half-siblings.

See Amy Harmon, Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150, NY Times, Nov. 20, 2005.

The Donor Sibling Registry

assist[s] individuals conceived as a result of sperm, egg or embryo donation who are seeking to make mutually desired contact with others with whom they share genetic ties. This may include:

    1. Their own or their child's half-siblings, or
    2. their own or their child's genetic father or mother,  or
    3. their genetic offspring. (egg, sperm or embryo donors who would be willing to have contact with the children born as a result of their donations are VERY WELCOME!).

Interesting intestate succession issues could arise.  Although most states provide that a sperm donor is not considered as a father, the law is less clear regarding the relationship between the half-siblings.


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