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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Lytton & Levin Seek Cosigners for Amicus Brief in New Jersey Firearms Nuisance Case

Tim Lytton and Hillel Levin have coauthored a brief in support of the New Jersey Attorney General in a case against FSS Armory under the state’s new firearms nuisance statute. The brief focuses narrowly on the question of whether PLCAA preempts all possible claims under New Jersey’s firearms nuisance statute. The brief argues that, under PLCAA’s predicate exception, it does not. Tim and Hillel believe that establishing this principle is essential to the ability of NJ and other state legislatures to address the role of the gun industry in illegal firearms trafficking.


They are looking for cosigners on the brief. If you would like to consider cosigning and would like a copy of the brief to review, please email Tim directly at [email protected], and he will send you a copy of the brief. The deadline for cosigning is Tuesday, June 4.

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