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Thursday, December 22, 2022

National Civil Justice Institute Announces Civil Justice Scholarship Award Winners

Torts profs are heavily represented.  From the letter by NCJI President, Christopher Nace:

The Officers and Trustees of the National Civil Justice Institute are proud to bestow the Institute’s 2023 Civil Justice Scholarship Award to Professor John C. P. Goldberg (Harvard Law School), Professor Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham Law School), and Professor Diego A. Zambrano (Stanford Law School).

It is our distinct privilege to honor Professor Goldberg and Professor Zipursky for their book, Recognizing Wrongs (Harvard University Press, 2020), in which they explain how their “civil recourse” concept makes sense of tort doctrine and captures the ways in which the law of torts contributes to the maintenance of a just polity. 

We are also privileged to honor Professor Zambrano for his article, Federal Expansion and the Decay of State Courts, 86 U. Chi. L. Rev. 2101 (2019), in which he explores how federal expansion may be contributing to the decay of state courts and has reinforced a plaintiff-defendant divergence between the two systems.

Finally, the Institute also recognizes with High Distinction Professor Jonathan Cardi (Wake Forest University School of Law), Professor Valerie Hans (Cornell Law School), and Professor Gregory Parks (Wake Forest University School of Law) for their article, Do Black Injuries Matter?: Implicit Bias and Jury Decision Making in Tort Cases, 93 So. Cal. L. Rev. 507 (2020). After conducting one of the first comprehensive experimental examinations of how race affects judgments on personal injuries, the authors found that the dollar awards for the injuries suffered by black plaintiffs in hypothetical cases were lower than awards for the same injuries experienced by white plaintiffs.

More details are at  Contact NCJI’s Executive Director, Mary Collishaw, at [email protected] or 202-944-2841 with any questions.

We are very proud to recognize this important legal scholarship, and the academics responsible.

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