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Thursday, December 10, 2020

American Museum of Tort Law Moves Online

Due to the pandemic, the AMTL is going virtual.  Rick Newman is in the process of taking the museum online.  Although it is not finished, a preview is available here.  One of the features is interviews with scholars about particularly important tort cases.  The museum is currently editing those interviews, but two are already available on the museum's YouTube channel (Anita Bernstein on T.J. Hooper and Tony Sebok on Tarasoff).  This is an expensive endeavor; you can donate here.  The full list of cases and scholars is here:

Ken Abraham, Virginia:  Byrne v. Boadle

Anita Bernstein, Brooklyn:  T.J. Hooper

Jonathan Cardi, Wake Forest:  Galella v. Onassis

Mary Davis, Kentucky:  McCormack v. Hankscraft

Nora Engstrom, Stanford:  Carroll Towing

Mark Geistfeld, NYU:  Greenman v. Yuba

Don Gifford,  Maryland:  Borel

John Goldberg/Ben Zipursky (Harvard, Fordham):  MacPherson

Mike Green, Wake Forest:  Daubert 

Leslie Kendrick, Virginia:  Carol Burnett v. National Enquirer

Jill Lens, Arkansas:  Hoffman v.  Jones

Frank McClellan, Temple:  Canterbury v. Spence

Bob Rabin, Stanford:  Escola

Chris Robinette, Widener:  United Novelty v. Daniels

Mike Rustad, Suffolk:  Liebeck

Sheila Scheuerman, Suffolk:  Sioux City & Pacific Railroad Co. v. Stout

Tony Sebok, Cardozo:  Tarasoff 

Cathy Sharkey, NYU:  Wyeth v. Levine

Ken Simons, UC Irvine:  Grimshaw v. Ford Motors

Byron Stier,  Southwestern:  Cipollone

Ted White, Virginia:  Brown v. Kendall

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