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Monday, November 30, 2020

Scalia Law School's Law and Economics Center Hosts "Civil Justice Fest"

George Mason Scalia Law School's Law & Economics Center (LEC), led by Donald Kochan, just hosted (virtually) "Civil Justice Fest."  A number of topics are likely of interest to readers of the blog, and I provide links below.


Civil Justice Fest: A Month of Dialogues On the Most Pressing Civil Justice Issues


Managing Dockets and Judicial Resources During COVID-19 While Preserving Standards of Fairness and Justice


Looking Forward: Civil Justice Issues in the Next Administration and New Congress


The Expanding Scope of Public Nuisance and Locality Litigation: The Role of Precedent, Consistency, and the Rule of Law


Tort Liability for Businesses During COVID-19: How to Determine the Duty of Care During a Pandemic While Incentivizing Safe Commercial Activity

Developments in Products and Other Liability for E-Commerce Marketplaces and Other Platforms


The Role of Courts in Managing New Theories of Remedies: The Debates on Medical Financing, Social Inflation, Phantom Damages, and Other Emerging Trends


Behind the Curtain at the American Law Institute (ALI): Drafting and Approving Restatements of Law at the ALI and Their Proper Weight in Judicial Decisionmaking


Dissecting the Development of Claims: Trends in Lawyer Advertising and Third Party Litigation Financing


The Proper Judicial Standards for Evaluating and Ensuring Quality in Expert Testimony


The Interplay Between Medical Device Regulatory Reviews and Civil Liability Standards: A Case Study of Issues Surrounding FDA 510(k) Clearance


The New California Privacy Act and Other Emerging Issues in Privacy Litigation


A Survey of Emerging Issues in Civil Justice

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