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Friday, July 17, 2020

PA: Hospital Admits Fault in Deaths of, and Injuries to, Three Premature Babies

A Pennsylvania hospital has taken the "extraordinary step" of admitting fault as it settled cases stemming from the deaths and injuries to three premature babies.  Geisinger Medical Center of Danville, PA acknowledged the process it used to prepare donor breast milk led to a fatal outbreak in the neonatal ICU.  The monetary terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Attorney Matt Casey, who represented the families of two of the infants who died and a third who suffered serious brain injury, said Wednesday his clients insisted that Geisinger take full legal acceptance of responsibility as a condition of the settlement.

He said Geisinger agreed — something he said he’s never before seen in a civil settlement in over two decades of medical malpractice work.

PennLive has the story.

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