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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

NJ: Sisters Abused by Priest File Suit Against Archdioceses

New Jersey's two-year window to sue for victims of child sexual abuse has just opened.  One of the first lawsuits filed is by a few of the five sisters in one Harrisburg, Pennsylvania family who were abused by a priest in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The priest was moved from New Jersey to Harrisburg, where he met the family.  Some of the assaults occurred when the priest took the sisters to a home in New Jersey. 

Pennsylvania just expanded its statute of limitations for child sexual abuse; separately it started a constitutional amendment process to open a two-year window for those victims barred by the old statute of limitations.  For the amendment to pass, the legislature, which has passed a bill on the amendment once, must pass it again next year.  Then the issue will be on the ballot and voters must approve of it.  The process will take at least two years, but was necessary to break a stalemate in the legislature over the issue.

Pennlive has the story.

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