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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Comparative Pharmaceutical Products Liability

The latest issue of the journal "Pharmaceuticals Policy and Law" is devoted to comparative pharmaceutical products liability.  Mike Green and I contributed a descriptive piece on U.S. law, and Marshall Shapo did as well.  The lineup:

Pharmaceutical Product Liability Systems:  Regulatory Models and Challenges, Miquel Martin Casals & Jose Luis Valverde

Some Comparative Remarks on Pharmaceutical Product Liability, Miquel Martin Casals

Pharmaceutical Product Liability in the United States of America, Christopher J. Robinette & Michael D. Green

Some Aspects of Pharmaceutical Product Liability in the United States of America, Marshall S. Shapo

Pharmaceuticals Products Liability in Japan, Fumihiro Nagano & Antonios Karaiskos

Pharmaceuticals Product Liability in Brazil, Rafael Peteffi da Silva

Pharmaceutical Product Liability in France, Zoe Jacquemin

Product Liability for Medicinal Pharmaceuticals in Germany, Ulrich Magnus

Pharmaceutical Products Liability in the United Kingdom, James Goudkamp

Pharmaceutical Products Liability in Poland, Piotr Machnikowski

Pharmaceutical Product Liability in Spain, Josep Sole Feliu

The Development Risk Defence of the EU Product Liability Directive, Bernhard A. Koch

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